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Squishy Dough

Jack Frost Squishy Dough **COLOR CHANGING**

Jack Frost Squishy Dough **COLOR CHANGING**

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šŸŒ¬ļø Introducing "Jack Frost" Sweet Mint Scented Color-Changing Playdough - Unleash Winter's Enchantment! ā„ļø

Dive into a world of winter wonder with our delightful 4.5 oz jar of "Jack Frost" Sweet Mint Scented Color-Changing Playdough. Handcrafted with love and care, this sensory masterpiece is designed for children aged 3 and up (or younger with constant adult supervision) to experience the magic of sensory play, creativity, and endless joy.

Key Features:

  • šŸ¬ Sweet Mint Sensation: Immerse your senses in the enchanting aroma of sweet mint, reminiscent of crisp winter air. "Jack Frost" brings the essence of winter straight to your fingertips!
  • šŸŒˆ Color-Changing Magic: Watch as the playdough transitions seamlessly between a soothing light blue to a deep, mysterious dark blue, capturing the essence of frosty winter nights. The color changes around 60 degrees farenheit (15 degrees celsius).
  • šŸ­ Soft and Homemade: Experience the soft, pliable texture of our homemade playdough, crafted with care to provide a sensory delight that's gentle on little hands.
  • Nontoxic Assurance: Safety is paramount, and our playdough is formulated to be non-toxic, ensuring worry-free playtime for your little ones..
  • ā„ļø Winter Wonderland: Embrace the spirit of the season with "Jack Frost" - a perfect addition to your Christmas festivities, making it an ideal stocking stuffer for kids of all ages.

šŸ‘¶ Suitable for All Ages:

Created with the utmost care, our Sweet Mint Scented Color-Changing Playdough is suitable for children aged 3 and up, providing a safe and enjoyable sensory experience. For younger children, adult supervision is recommended.

šŸŒˆ Endless Play Possibilities:

From sculpting frosty landscapes to crafting snowflakes, the creative possibilities are limitless. Foster imaginative play and creativity that knows no bounds with "Jack Frost."

šŸŽ Perfect Stocking Stuffer:

Looking for a unique and delightful stocking stuffer? "Jack Frost" Sweet Mint Scented Color-Changing Playdough is the perfect gift to spark joy and creativity during the holiday season.

Bring the magic of winter indoors with "Jack Frost." Order now and let the winter creativity begin! ā„ļøšŸŽØ


Flour, salt, cream of tartar, food dye, edible fragrance, BPA Free plastic jar


Care Instructions

You can refresh our dough with just water using our Dough Care Instructions (included).
We recommend replacing after 6 months of use.

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